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Schedule 2017

Sun 10 Sep 2017 - 1100 and later - Metchosin Days 

Come Yule season see our Mummers Play page for a bit more on that (inc. map links to many venues.)

Immediately below is our listing at the Master Mummers site

[24 hour time? Yes, it's pretty straightforward and much quicker to write and understand compared to all that AMing and PMing. Take the time, say 1700, subtract (-) 2, (okay, really 12, however who are we kidding) and you have . . . 5:00 p.m. Unambiguous too]

After talking about it for neigh on 7 years, we actually went on a tour of . . .

England! - May, June 2014

We did, we really did. Read a bit about it

Regular Annual Events for the QBM Schedule

Apr 23 (or thereabouts) St. George's Day dance out - occasionally a play performance

May 1 – We and others dance at dawn on May Day at Clover Point. May Pole up about 0530! Sometimes we'll dance out (perform) throughout town for the rest of the day

Early May - Sea Cider May event, often with Island Thyme Morris, sometimes Hollytree

May -  Mayne May Pole festival  - Saturday of the Victoria Day weekend

July 1 – Gorge Canada Day Picnic (neighbourhood  of Victoria (Saanich), BC)
- about Dysart on Gorge Rd, dancing about 1100 and 1300 (1 p.m.). Come say Hullo, give our horse ("Hobb", aka Ken Nag) a beer carrot and a pat on the nose or noggin

September - Sunday after Labour Day – Metchosin Day

Mummers Play

    Last Sunday in Nov - Oak Bay Light up (a three year run, now ended)
    Mid-December weekend - Craigdarroch Castle Family Nights (a couple of years of that)
    Last Sunday(ish) in Dec - Victoria Folk Music Society, Yule Season Barn Dance
    1 January - Maritime Museum of British Columbia - New Year's Day Levee (six year run, now ended with their loss of a museum venue)
    Mid January - Sea Cider Orchard Wassail
    A number of, ahem, Private Parties. No, we couldn't possibly tell you for whom, when     or where. No, not even bribes will work. Book us!

Other events we might attend from time to time

USA Memorial Day Weekend, Seattle's North West Folklife, Seattle Center

    Downtown in the summer evenings or at Practise
    James Bay market (in the past)
    Sunday Market, Government Street (in the past, now closed)

July – British Heritage Festival, Nanaimo, BC (in abeyance)

August - Princeton Traditional Music Festival, Princeton, BC (had a two year run)

Any festival or market (we like) that invites us!

Any Morris Ale we can chivy enough of our folks out to


Yes, we'll take your filthy lucre. Also your best beef and ale! Perhaps your cutest wenches or biker lad

Quicksbottom Morris is available for many types of social and cultural events. Weddings, boat and ship launchings, brewery and pub openings/closings, festivals, seasonal occurrences and so on

We accept payment in many forms

One friend provides us with a generous share of one of our lovely local brews, in exchange for an near annual performance of our Mummers play. Some organisers pay us outright, others we're happy to negotiate with, say a guarantee they'll "top us up" to a given amount, after we've passed the hat. This arrangement works well all 'round. The audience contributes and feel even more connected with what they've enjoyed, the organiser needn't foot the entire fee, and the side (team) receives a guaranteed amount

A number of events we consider to be community, traditional or worthy. That's right, there may be little or no cost. This is often when we perform for ourselves (us, or "the Morris" in general), or it is some part of a community connection or observation we enjoy

Ask, inspire us, check out the possibilities

That said, if we (upwards of 8 or 12 dancers and musicians) travel some distance (car, ferry), stay over a meal time or must take care of ourselves in other ways, our interest will be more readily gained with an offer of gas coupons, meal vouchers and yes, filthy lucre. Just like those other kind folks providing services at said event


Who you gonna call? "QUICKSBOTTOM!" "Speed Bums R Us" and all that

We're not your standard side, no Squire or Foreman (it's a bit of a zoo sometimes), so for any kind of info, from us or for us, drop us a line at

We will get back to you.

Or give one of these lively lads a ring