Music. and Musos

Can't do with out em. Really.

Black Pig

Blackened Face and Stick - Trevor Hancock, QBM

East Acton Stick Dance - 

Drowsy Maggie (Ockington to others) - long sticks, so we needn't bend as much ;)

Duntze Head - 

Five In A Bed - Andy Anderson

Four Lane End

Mr. Dolly - Andy Anderson

Much Wenlock 3.0 - 

Ockington Stick dance (source finally found as Leominster Morris Men's, "Tom Postan's Stick Dance")(see Drowsy Maggie for more confusion)

Peopleton Hanky Dance

Peopleton Stick Dance

Ragged Crow

Sharpe's Rattle - Trevor Hancock, QBM

Speed Bums - first dance writ as QBM. Workshopped in one night by all nine members January 2006

Speed The Plough - 

STC  - Sharon of Stone The Crows

Three Jolly Black Sheepskins

Tinners Rabbit - 

Titterstone Clee - Andy Anderson, of his pieces the one we dance closest to as-writ

Twiglet - Planet Morris, 1995

WeBeQB (aka "Alan's Revenge") - Alan Wilson, QBM

Woodhouse Bog/Boghouse Door - 

Worcestershire Monkey - Wicket Brood