Music, and Musos

Can't do with out em. Really.

Black Pig - "Trumpet Hornpipe." AKA "Captain Pugwash", or CP Theme

Blackened Face and Stick - "Cuckoo's Nest"

Brimfield -

Broom Dance - "Silas Polka"

East Acton Stick Dance - "The 8th of January", AKA "Battle of New Orleans"

The Dilwyn Stick Dance - "Not-For-Joe"

Drowsy Maggie - "Drowsy Maggie"

Duntze Head - "Morpeth Rant"

Five In A Bed - "Davy Davy Knicknack"

Four Lane End - "Four Lane End" by John Kirkpatrick

Greensleeves - "Greensleeves"

Mr. Dolly - "Gloucester Hornpipe"

Much Wenlock (3.0) - "Much Wenlock"

Not-For-Joe - "Not-For-Joe"

Ockington Stick dance (Tom Postan's Stick Dance) - "The Rambling Sailor"

Peopleton Hanky Dance - "Cock of the North"

Peopleton Stick Dance - "Cock of the North"

Ragged Crow - "Portobello Hornpipe"

Sharpe's Rattle - "Over the Hills and Far Away"

Speed Bums - "Quicks' Bottom Hornpipe", by Rod Newman, 2005. AKA "Rod's Hornpipe". At that time Rod was our lead muso for Island Thyme Morris Men's Side, soon to become Quicksbottom Morris (January 2006)

Speed The Plough - "Speed The Plough"

STC - "Stop the Cavalry" by Jona Lewie, 1980

Three Jolly Black Sheepskins - "Yellow Sheepskin" or "Croen T Ddafad Felyn", a Welsh tune

Tinners Rabbit - "Fred Pidgeon's No. 1"

Titterstone Clee - "Mad Moll of the Cheshire Hunt"

Twiglet - "Theme Vannetaise" (spelling varies), AKA "An Dros", AKA "French Tart". Theme music for "Picou Fils de Son Père" a French 70s soap opera.
Performed by and credited to the Breton band Tri Yann, who called it "An Dros"

Upton on Severn hankie - "Bonnet's of Blue"

Upton on Severn stick - "Brighton Camp"

WeBeQB (aka "Alan's Revenge") - Alan Wilson, QBM

Wednesday Night - "Saturday Night"

White Ladies Aston - "

Woodhouse Bog (AKA Boghouse Door) - "The Keel Row"

Worcestershire Monkey - "Weasels Revenge" by Jan Hurst of Wicket Brood