Light "Sabre" Dances

Quicksbottom Morris in the dark, all lit up with Light Sabres, ElectroLuminecent wire, and spectales 

We began doing light dances in 2008, when we returned to dancing at Luminara - the Victoria festival of lanterns formerly held in Beacon Hill Park in July

It's a welcome sight at other festivals from local neighbourhoods to the PTMF

We figure we'd be a hit if we got enough of the side down to Burning Man

The lit kit is still somewhat evolving, and features light sabres, lights on our rag jackets and hats, and some very cool lit spectacles!

Our own Gargamel -- Ewen, first spotted the wands and has since highgraded them, several times, though he remains on the lookout for material rugged enough to clash properly. We're now at about Mark III for the Light Sabres

While researching illuminated costuming in general JD turned up the EL Wire (pronounced "L" for Electro Luminesent) we use to represent our tatter shirts and embedded in the frame of the specs, which Ewen discovered and turned up distributors for. Lorna discovered much of the remaining items we use to mark our apdendages (head/hat, knees, feet for some)

Selecting dances to perform was interesting as we viewed video and still images of the presentation. We settled on those that are open, or that move in and out of set, and have larger arcing "stick" motions, so mostly our Long Stick dances

QBM is open to trading ideas and information on gear and style

Some videos of us dancing out in Lit Kit:

Speed Bums @ Princeton Traditional Music Festival, Aug 2010 - by lmtQC on YT and
Speed Bums @ Princeton Traditional Music Festival, Aug 2010 - by EM on Vimeo

Twiglet @ Luminara, Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC July 2009

Ockington Stick Dance @ Luminara, Victoria, July 2008 (aka Tom Postans Stick Dance)
(our Ockington. Your Ockington is our Drowsey Maggie. Clear? Good)