I say, that page isn't really here.
Yet. Or ever was, or . . . hmm. Let's
check the pub

So, now you've really done it

or perhaps we did, or haven't or whatever

Yes, a real 404 Error / Page Missing page

Try a link in the navbar at right or down below, head back to the old home place or pot about a bit more and perhaps it will turn up or you'll forget what you were looking for

The site is having a major reno and JD is beavering away at (the interim version of) it

It's quite the Canadian thing to do, Reno. Especially if the foundation is pretty good, that and living in what ever it is while doing the reno. House, boat, web site . . .  always the same thing . . . yes

If you really want to let someone know, feel free to attempt to contact us