A traditional (well, sort of) side dancing
English, Border Morris dances

We are Quicksbottom!

"As we have told already, the Morris dance is a bodily manifestation of vigour and rude health, and not at all of sinuous grace or dreaminess."
- Cecil Sharp "The Morris Book", 1907

We dance Border Morris dances - dances that come from the English counties along the Welsh border

We annually perform a Mummers Play throughout the Yule season (broadly December into January.) This is a folk play to celebrate midwinter -- the death of the old year and the birth of the new. Occasionally we'll perform a St. George's Day play near the 23rd of April

You can find us at various events around greater Victoria, southern Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and occasionally on the Lower Mainland near or around Vancouver. We sometimes do 'guerrilla Morris' - just going out and dancing or performing our plays wherever we feel like it!

With the other two local sides we hosted Fred's NineT' Ale (a gathering of Morris dancers & musicians) in June 2015 to celebrate 40 years of dancing by one of our community who is now 92. We had many folks from many sides (teams) from many other communities here that weekend

Summer 2014 we were ON TOUR! Yes, in England (finally). See our Schedule page for the tour info and links to hosting sides. Vids and piccy links shortly, send them in

Our practice is Wednesday evenings and we are always keen to welcome new dancers or musicians